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Django Revue

Oh Quinton you never let me down.
This is, as I expected a classic Tarantino film.
It made me laugh out loud it made me cringe and it was as always full of the classic gore that I have come to know and love about Quinton Tarantino.
I wanted to clap at the end as I felt completely satisfied with the value for my buck.
Stellar performances, engaging characters and even an Aussie or two in there.
Well done, can not wait for another one you rock Quinton Tarantino, you rock !!!!


Dark Shadows revue

I love this genre, and was excited to see this film .
I did enjoy most of it though I think I was expecting a bit from this character as Johnny Depp has a tendency to bring an the over the top charm to those he plays . I felt that Barnabas Collins was a little subdued and lacked the quirkiness I have come to love about the Depp roles .

As for the movie itself I enjoyed all the performances and I enjoyed the movie but thought it was a little long winded in the mid section with not so much going on , now having said that I can say, I did like it .
The ending could have left an opening for a possible second edition and I would definitely go and see it.

It gets an 8 out of 10 from me 🙂

Fast and the Furious 5 revue

Wow , Justin Lin has done a great job on this . Its full on action, I don’t want to tell you too much in case you have not seen it as yet but if you liked the  other  installments then you should go and see this asap. It has all you would expect a fast action packed journey with some laughs along the way .Vin Diesel is as always the man in this film and what a  man he is  even with the rocks larger than life presents Vin is still the heart throb of the show . I gasped I laughed and when it was over I felt satisfied that I had gotten my moneys worth . I loved this movie and give it all thumbs up 🙂