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Gym day 5 Week 2

Today was my first solo ,I did good ,I only forgot one thing and that was how to do the heel tap . I also noticed that its only about 40 seconds that you are enduring the pain of the weights as it takes you 5 or more  seconds to move to another  machine even then it still seems like 5 minutes .There was a Lady there today who I am not sure has the concept of what this gym dose .You start on one machine then when the recorded  lady who talks from the speakers says “change now” you move to the next station that is a cardio so it goes weights / cardio /weights/ cardio and so on  in a circle ,but this lady was randomly walking all over the place, she would do about 20 seconds maybe, on a machine then up and off she would go ,to the other side of the room on to something else  and this went on the entire time I was there.

It was great because it distracted me and before I knew it I was finished. I got through it and I was almost going to go back again this afternoon ,I will have to ask if that would be ok . So I still have this large tummy and tuck shop arms that I hope soon to see the end of, I will see the end of them .I will .


Gym day 4 week 2

Ok, I am feeling it now I have completed my one on one sessions and can go it alone from here on in, I did however need them to enlarge my paper that tells me what weight I have on what machine as I could not read it . I am feeling a bit sore today and will have a rest day tomorrow and go back the day after (their idea) but now I no longer need to make an appointment and can go when I want . I want to go a lot I hope I can survive going a lot .

The good news is ,I have already dropped a few Kg so that is encouraging ,now to work on loosing the inches 🙂

Gym Day 3

Today I get to do a plain old work out ,I am feeling it this time I do 2 rounds and I have broken out in a sweat this is good .I am very apprehensive about my next and last, one on one visit as there will be measuring involved ,oh no not the measurements  I do not need to know I just want to be smaller  that’s why I am doing all the sweating isn’t it  , oh, a thought there may be weighing to oh no , not weighing ,but after this next visit I will be able to go all by my self and forget all about the measuring and the weighing and just work my but off to reach my goals and reach them I will .

Gym Day 2 The Bio Age Test

I arrive eager to do the Bio-age to see how old I really am . Alas that is all I am able to do on this second visit as I have been called in to work and well lets face it folks work is work . I might add here that I feel I did do some form of a work out as the Bio age test is a work out in its self . I started to realise however half way through that perhaps I am not going to be as old as I hope my Bio age will be and the competition is measured on how much you lower your Bio age .Why, you may ask, well it dawned on me when I was able to get my hands past my toes . And the results are: My Bio age is : “55” that suxs ,as I am 51 so now I will have to get it down to my 30’s if I am to have any hope of being in the running for the competition ,and I feel that may be slightly a bit of a stretch even for the  ever optimistic me .  I do feel I might be a little behind the eight ball here I guess we will see 🙂

Gym day one of the six week challenge

Ok so I get there 5 minutes before my appointed time only to find that she is running behind ,and asks if I would like to perhaps go to the shops for 10 minutes ,hmmmmm , no I will sit on the couch ,I am not going out in public looking like this .So I wait I play angry birds on my phone ,on that, I know why it was named angry birds because it makes you very angry when you play it , any way , she is finally ready for me although she is rather flustered and continues to run around in circles back and forth from the counter to me , I am supposed to be doing my Bio-age test and I  am a bit disappointed when she asked if I have had a coffee ?no one had informed me that I was not to drink a coffee before I have the test .So I can not have it .

I go ahead and I am shown how to use the equipment ,This gym is a circuit gym and every 45 seconds you change. While I was seated on the couch I was watching some women going around and  thought to my self “how can that be doing them any good they no sooner start on a piece of equipment then they move on to the next” ,however once I tried to do this my self I could see that 45 seconds suddenly became 5 minutes while you are doing it , funny that .I enjoyed 2 circuits and hope that in the morning I will be able to move .

So in 2 days I will return and do my Bio-age test and we will see just how unfit I really am .

I will however at the end of this six week challenge be  fit and slim for my UK adventure .