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I have decided to share the progress of trying to write a book, my first offering is the introduction, I have actually written way more in my head than on paper , I hope its ok

WARNING  :I can not spell and after reading this grammar  seems to be an issue as well I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.


Susanne and James fell instantly in love the first time they saw each other at Law school.

They had everything and nothing in common. They both had passion for the Law. James following in his fathers foot steps was headed for a Corporate Law office and Sue wanted to help people from the public court system. Jame’s family was very very wealthy and Sue’s family was not.

James parents had disappeared while on a hiking trip in the Himalayas leaving his sister and him self the entire family fortune.

Sues mother had died while giving birth to her and her father died from a heart attack only a year after she started law school, she inherited the family farm that she had to sell to pay the back taxes on, but she managed to walk away with enough to see her through college and start a modest life after. They both graduated with honors and were married six months later.

They moved in with James sister Rae into their family home, an opulent Brown stone in the city, although it was a three story home it could be thought of as five, if you included the basement and the attack. The only thing modest about this house was the name   ‘Meek’ .Rae was an artist and had converted the attack into her studio where she enjoyed sensational views across the city.

After living happily for three years Sue became pregnant and they decided that they wanted to bring their child up in the country, it did not take them long to find the perfect place on the out skirts of a small town called Box Creek

They bought a beautiful house right on a lake with its own dock and so bought a small sailing boat, that they intended to learn how to sail one day.



Roy arrived safely and James and Sue moved to their dream home. Life was easy, tranquil and relaxed the locals were wonderful and quirky, things could not have been  any better.

One evening the as the sun was setting over the tranquil water James decided to have a picnic dinner on the boat, Roy was three months old, so they gathered all they would need and headed down to their dock. Roy sat in his pram while his parents loaded the boat, they did not noticed that the rope had come undone and the boat had began to drift away from the dock, it was when Sue noticed water on the floor that she and Jim got out of the cabin. They had drifted to far from the dock to reach it and with water rapidly filling the boat, being able to swim may have been handy .As the boat began to sink Jim tried to get Sue to the dock but they both went under.

Molly McAllister the owner of the local store, who luckily for Roy had brought a delivery, discovered Roy still in his pram  still sitting on the dock the next morning.

She looked after the young Roy for a week before his aunt Rae came to collect him but Molly would have gladly kept and raised him her love for the orphaned Roy was genuine.

So Roy and Rae returned to the city to the family home.

They lived happily for three month until, one beautiful afternoon while enjoying the warm filtered sunlight on her face as they walked along their street, Rae fell into an open manhole leaving Roy not only sitting in the street again in his pram but now without any family at all.

Roy was sent to a convent orphanage and his inherited belongings locked up on the third floor of his home, the home rented out to generate an income that went into trust for when Roy was old enough to claim his inheritance.

Roy spent 20 years at the orphanage although he could have easily left years earlier it was the Nuns, who were his mothers, all of them, that kept him there. When he graduated law school he moved back into his family home .Roy had grown into a wonderful man who went out of his way to help as many people as he could but despite his wonderful nature Roy remained single for a very long time, Finally now on the eve of his 40th birthday he was about to pop the question to his girlfriend.






I am now of driving age yea, I have a car friends and most of the time I have a job. So it is nice to get in a car and take a few days. One of my friends mum had moved to a rural border town and although set on the side of the river was very hot and dry.

Despite that setting this is a large town with a good population. While there we took a day trip to visit Charlie the brother of my friend who lives in a small remote dry arid town it is a just under an hours drive.

I love this small town it feels relaxed. While we visit we dig for bottles on the old hospital site of this town, there is no evidence at all of buildings so the locals are either watching us laughing as we dig in the hard dry ground hoping to reveal long-lost secrets. It is not long before we confirm that no one is laughing at us and we start to find some old test tubes and glass stoppers and other in tact bottles.

It is very hot here. We take refuge at the house from he stiffeling heat of the afternoon.

Charlie sits down and tells us some stories of UFO sightings in the area and that some times his friend, a very well known artist will see something and if its travelling on the right line, phones us so we can get outside and try to confirm that there is a UFO.

My brain is spinning as he tells us of other experiences, he tells us about a sphere that a local farmer had found in one of his fields, it was perfectly round it was melted on one side, they believe this to be the burn of atmospheric entry, I am glued to every word so when he tells us that the spheres is still here in town at the small police station just 300 meters away. I want to see it thinking this is never going to happen, Charlie says’ OK ‘and with in 5 minutes we are meeting the local police man and it is sitting out the back on the floor in a corner. He explains to us that they do not know quite what to do with it or who to tell, he shows us the band of metal welded around the circumference but as there is a hole melted in the side you are able to see inside the empty vessel and you can clearly see that there are no weld markings any where there are no seems no joins just a perfectly round metal sphere. He lets me take photos only with the promise that I will not show them to any one, I keep that promise for 30 years.

We are back at the house for only a few minutes It was late in the day when the phone rang, Charlie sounded a little excited and when he hung up he said “That was my artist mate , he has seen something and its coming our way. He makes an other phone call and we go outside back to the police station ,as we walk past the water tower we see a couple of people sitting a top they are having a beer they yell hello as we pass telling us to hurry, we climb a ladder and reach the roof of the police station and join the Sargent. We sit and we wait. It is not too long before we hear someone yell that it is coming, over there he is pointing north we look and there it is, although it is not dark yet this object glows in the sky it is moving north to south I snap as many shots as I can I am beyond excited as it moves slowly at first then rapidly accelerates and disappears it was long rounded on the ends and is bright even in the light of dusk. I am joyful feeling exhilarated we have dinner and we make arrangements to come back tomorrow and we head off as we travel east back to mama’s house it is all we can talk about, I am in the back seat it is now pitch black as I look to my left from my window I see a light a very bright light it seems to be about a kilometer away it is travelling in the opposite direction to our car, I tell everyone to look as I grab my camera I don’t know if the photos will show anything but I taking them any way . I ask my friend to stop so I can try to focus they do and I get out and rest the camera on the roof to steady it I am snapping away when I notice this bright glowing light is no longer moving I raise my head slowly from the camera and stare at this hovering light that seams to be just hanging in the one spot it is not moving at all now, I freak out a little but not as much as one of our travellers who starts to panic and is screaming for us to get back in the car and go, it was a little creepy on a dark deserted road ,so we accommodate our friends wishes and climb back into the car and take off ,I hope the photos turn out in my mind I am thinking I might get to become the photographer of strange thing and make a living from it I am planning out my future we are laughing and joking as we head east again …the glowing object had started to move again but was now heading in the same direction we are .. It is following us, my freaked out friend starts to accuse me of making it follow us by taking its photo we are laughing hysterically at his paranoid behavior but as I laugh I am pushing my camera under the back seat I don’t want any one taking my camera! It keeps following us along the road it is keeping pace with us for nearly 10 kilometers My friend is convinced now he is going to be abducted just when I think he is going to go into complete melt down the object stops shoot up into the black night sky then simply shoots away from us and disappears.

We continued on our journey relieved to get to mammas house in one piece and not abducted.

The next day I could not wait to go back I still have 5 shots left before I can change the film. Mama makes us breakfast and shows us the local paper the headlines read


In the story, it talked of us, we are puzzled where they got the information but know it is not all true as it stated that we were on our way rushing the film to a special lab in the city for development. I begged to differ as I was sitting at mammas kitchen table drinking tea. We decide to not tell anyone that this is us they are talking about and we leave to go to Charlie’s I am anxious to see the Sargent again to make sure he knows we have not talked to anyone, but he would know that as there was no mention of the sphere in the story. So we arrive back at Charlie’s we tell him about our drive home and there is a loud knock at the door, Charlie walks back in to the room and is followed by 3 men in suites they are from NASA seriously NASA I can not contain it and I burst out laughing I am thinking this is a joke people from NASA don’t come to small rural towns especially in another country, but none the less here they stood ,they wanted to ask us questions relating to the sighting the evening before so they asked questions we answered but our answers were being debunked before we even finished speaking . What are they up to I thought, then talk turned to photos I deny any photos, they are not getting my photos I will physically defend my camera but they don’t push it we give each other the look and no one mentions the photos again. I am going to hide the film. One of the men keeps fiddling with his tie convincing our paranoid friend that he is filming him with a micro hidden camera within his tie. Finally they leave, their line was we saw nothing it was a weather balloon, year right. And with that they are gone. We decide to cut our visit short and head back to the city and get the film developed I hide the film in a medical bag, one of my friends was a diabetic and carries that bag everywhere we go, it is in the glove box and safe .I thought! unfortunately when we get back, the methylated spirits jar that my friends needles are in leaked and ruined the film not a single frame left so my story with photographic evidence was now just a story. It was a few months later and on the news one night I saw the Sphere it had been handed to a university to analyze but the metal was not any recognized element ??????? But luckily for me the sphere photos were on the last of another role and so I still have that to this day……….


Short stories,The First Time I Saw Snow

I have decided it takes to long to write a book so short stories are the way to go , here is my first attempt :




I was just your typical awkward teen. I had a mum and a dad at home along with an older brother two dogs a cat a rabbit and a fish just your typical 70’s family. My mum was not really the out doors type, well not the snow outdoors type anyway, so when the social club at her work organized a trip to the snow I was going whether she did or not. Turns out it was the latter but as an unaccompanied minor of sorts on a bus trip meant my older teen neighbor Jules, got to chaperone and come as well.

So on the day I awoke bursting with enthusiastic joy to finally be going to see smell and touch snow, glorious white fluffy cloud like wonder from my childhood, finally we shall meet.

I got dressed, I put on my undies my training bra ,I wonder why they call them that and do they come with treats ! any way, my singlet a pair of tights a long sleeved spencer a high necked skivvy a t shirt two pairs of socks a jumper a pair of jeans a coat a hat a scarf and a pair of gumboots! Ready

After getting mum up and behind the wheel we arrived at the designated meeting place, kisses good bye promises of being good along with warnings not to embarrass, I promised as I waved good bye. I entered the bus armed with my thermos of coffee, sandwiches and fruit only to see that the golden seats were wide open and available, the back of the bus, fools I thought as I claimed my spot. I sat there watching the bus fill up with some familiar faces and some strangers The mid section came armed with esky’s so they got happier the closer we got. The only issue I had with them was the fact that the driver had to pull over every 20 minutes while the mid section filed off and lined the edge of the road to empty the copious amount of beer they had thus far consumed. Don’t they know I’m going to need every second I can get in the snow! We had a fun time with the back of the bus folk as some gave a running commentary of the goings on of the mid and front sections. Finally we arrived and after reaching the car park at the bottom of the mountain I was finally here at the snow, excitedly I jump from the bottom step of the bus, I arrived on ground zero, no immediate snow I scan the edge of the car park and spot it I am beyond excited but there is something wrong I am roasting hot, my brain tries to compute this complete blind side and I decide to retreat to the bus to remove some un needed layers.

I then join Jules and some guys from the bus and at long last I pick up snow, it is cold it is not the cotton like fluffiness I was expecting but it has fun written all over it . We intend to walk the road like many others up to the top of the mountain, but snow covers the ground down a small hill and up the other side as far as the eye can see, I want to dive in it and then I remembered the garbage bags we brought So we lay some out and push each other down the hill I’m so excited as I lay a bag down and sit on it I’m so excited that I forget to hold the bag and when I’m pushed off slide quickly to the bottom laughing and loving life in that moment. In the next moment however I start to feel the damp quickly getting wetter by the second. I leapt to my feet look back up the hill and see the bag still siting there and hysterical laughter echoing around me.

flat on my posterior by a blisteringly fast snow ball unfortunately in the center of that snow ball was a solid block of ice, I wonder why this is considered fun as my eye and the side of my face are starting to hurt more each second . After being lifted back to my feet and I begin to try to focus, I see the look on every ones faces and I then realize I am only seeing from one eye I lifted my hand and felt the swollen closed eye which is apparently turning blacker by the moment. The up side and there always is one, is the fact it is the best black eye any one has ever seen. I am starting to feel some what defeated at this stage and I have only been here for 30 minutes ,yes only 30 minutes ,so we head back to the bus for some coffee regroup and tackle this again. As we approached the bus we could see something running down the stairs forming a puddle on he ground, we followed the trail to the back of the bus and my bag and my leaking thermos, really, no ! it is seriously empty and back then there were no cafés there was nothing but a car park. after  10 minutes two dissprin and a sit down ,we decide I am able to attempt the walk up the mountain and we set off .The road is two continues line of cars one going up and the other going down, there are many people walking on the shoulder of the road as well. The traffic moves only marginally faster than walking so there is fun in the air as the comedic souls call out and chat with each other .I hear a motor bike come up behind us and as I turn and look the traffic stops and he offers me a lift I do not hesitate and climb on the back I tell Jules ill see her at the top as we slowly pull away. I am over joyed as I am a motor bike lover I relies this is a sympathy lift for the best black eye ever but is the best thing that’s happened so far and then I felt that familure cold whomp on my head over and over, we were under attach by car on the way down they laughed as they bombarded unsuspecting walkers and cars with their windows down with a supply of pre made snowballs.

We pulled to the side and cleared the snow from the bike and ourselves we are both on the same page and start scooping up snow making ammunition when we have enough we turn around we start heading back the down the hill gliding past cars until we see them I almost burst into laughter at the thought of the pending ambush we are about to unleash we are urged on by onlookers who pick up on our revenge and then the traffic stops we silently pull up on the out side of the car to open windows, we stop and unleash a wholey white hell of retribution they are completely taken by surprise it was quick and fast and hysterical. I can’t believe we were able to unload so many so fast and then simply rolled away .We cheer and we are cheered as we weave our way back to the car park .

I was now completely drenched head to toe my left eye was not only getting darker by the minute but also swelling fast. I was done I thanked my knight on two wheels and I headed to that glorious back of the bus, I laid on that back seat and waited for the time to leave. I summarized my day  as the pain and throbing increased ,I nearly gave myself heat stroke then hypothermia, possibly dehydration along with a black eye that I can’t see out of with possible retina damage , my head aches and so does my face , I did not get to see the actual snow fields or the top of the mountain ,all in all I’d say the first time I saw snow was a slight let down really .I’m old now and as I sit here and recall that day I realize that  day ,was my only ever visit to the snow .

Quite Frankly I’m a little afraid to go back ……………………..

People’s choice Striking film festival

Tom entered Bringing Home Lakaya into the striking film festival.It made the last 13 entries into the finals out of 75 submissions.

On the night I was firstly totally embarrassed by the photo they had of me on the board describing the film but it’s me in my most natural  state no makeup and having just given birth, I looked at the broad smile and the happiness it not only contained but beamed out from the photo, was this joy of a third daughter or perhaps the euphoria residue of the pain medication.whatever it was I did look petty pleased with myself even if I looked terrible I was happy.

My eldest daughter accompanied me as I am having back issues i need the assistance but that’s another story for an other day.

We arrived with ease to our designated parking just around the corner from the event ,it is a fantastic little  intimate park and only a flat $10 for the evening.

we arrive to the top floor where fairy lights hover above our heads and fine wine and cheeses are on continuous offer. There is a silent auction going on but I must have an incorrect idea of how a silent auction works I was always under the impression you wrote your bid on a piece of paper and put it in to a box that was opened after the event ,calculated and the highest bidder wins. I of course have the completely wrong idea about a silent auction  having never attended one before. I like my idea of it better then its more of a mystery.

We get the standard “same same but different’ looks as we wonder around , we do look very much alike .

Tom is not there but I know he will arrive soon eventually his entourage shows up drinks snacks and then down to watching the entered films.

My top four :

My absolute favorite taking mine out of course was Welcome to Dookie  after watching this fantastic offering I just want to go and visit Dookie the main actor was a very well know face on Australian TV and his performance just added to the over all ambiance ,he was Peter Rowsthorn you are likely to know him from Kath and Kim or from any of the hundreds of other roles he has had.

Night mail was my next a subtitled funny and touching piece

Next on my list was Wanker unfortunate name but funny movie.

And  Spill, a trip down memory lane with a saga about the hierarchy of marbles in the school yard.

I was humbled by the reaction to Tom’s offering ,I am sad with tears running freely down my cheeks ,I miss my daughter every day, I hear people sniffling as they are taking this journey with me. The way people touch my arm when they express their sadness at our story I know these people genuinely care , I am very very humbled.

After the movies end we head back to the wine and song on offer check the silent auction and accept we are outbid.

So we wait anxiously for the judges to decide  and it is not too long before they arrive to announce the results, as each category is announced  I agree these are great maybe one i was not so agreeable with but…….I am not a judge. Finally there is only people’s choice and they say Bringing Home Lakaya I am beyond happy for Tom I hope this will open some doors for him.

This whole process has awakened something in me I want to make my own short films I have ideas and some stories I just need get some funding as I will need to hire a bus and go to the snow oh and get at least 30 people who want to go on a bus movie making trip.

Maybe One day ……Maybe

So I would like to say a huge thank you to the organisers of the Striking Film festival  and to Tom for taking us on and entering it.


Bringing Home Lakaya

Some times we make decisions under great pain or stress and in grief that we later regret. I regretted putting my daughter into the ground .I regretted having to leave her behind .I mourned for her all over again.

So I have, at last, finally brought her home.

When I moved away from the town I enquired about an exhumation and cremation but it was over $3000 and I just couldn’t afford it , if I had only know how much it would increase over the time I would have tried harder to find the money , but all things happen at a time for a reason  .

For those of you that didn’t know Lakaya I can tell you that her battle changed my life .It changed all our lives she showed me that I was a strong human being and sometimes I forget that and I shouldn’t, she helped me become a better person .

So when I decided it was time to finally bring her home it only stood to reason that she would still be helping someone  and that is why I told Tom about what I was doing, as he was about to undertake a documentary assignment  at Uni and I wanted him to do something different and

get good marks and that is how Bringing Home Lakaya came about.

So please visit his You Tube Page

‘Reel Deal Media ” and have a look , subscribe and share

Thank you and please don’t anyone tell my Aunty shes in her 80’s she needs not know of this.

UPDATE ; Tom entered Bringing Home lakaya into the striking film festival and took out peoples choice,check it out here

Bringing Home Lakaya

Tom Jordan


How quickly life can change, you can find your self thinking your life is in a stall and that nothing ever seems to be happening then overnight have it irreversibly changed for ever, no going back no do overs just changed.
My life was irreversibly changed again on the 9th July 2013 when my mum passed away.

RIP Lucius legs Lenny

What a woman Lucius Legs was.
Lenny was born on May 30th 1930,she had 2 children and was married twice.
I describe my memories of my young life as like twirling in a beautiful flowing dress holding my arms out wide looking up to the sky.

I remember many parties in our kitchen with ladies in high heels dancing and the men in their suites.
Even though she suffered with both Rheumatoid and Ostieo arthritis she worked two jobs but would loved a night out she loved life there are so many stories to tell I will start a new heading Called The Lenny Diary, she would love that.

This is my first blog since she left and even though its been 2 years now it still feels like yesterday and im still so so sad with out her. That woman drove me insane most days but then I remember when we would sing in the car every friday night all the way from Parkdale To Rosebud and in those days it took hours, Her dog used fart all the way we would have every window down with your head hanging out, they smelt so bad.
She had a lot of dogs over her life time but that’s a tale for another day.
She was fierce and soft she was hard and caring she was forever bloody hilarious she was my mother who I thought and think the sun and moon began with.

R.I.P mum

number 3 on the Bucket List of life is ……….

I want, no I will ,travel in first class where i can sleep horizontal and eat the good food 🙂
short but swwweeeeeeet.

Bucket List Item 2, that should be 1

OMG Item 2)
I can not believe I did not have this in first place.(A bit of history first:)
When I was little at 6pm on Sunday’s my mum watched new faces. Unfortunatly for me it was on at the same time as Disney land, now although we had 3 TV’S in our house they all had to be tuned to her show so as she went from one room to the other she wouldn’t miss anything,so I would climb on our fence and watch it through our neighbors lounge room window not so bad in summer as they would have the window open and I could not only see it but hear it as well. So a trip to Disney Land is well and truly the first item for my bucket list as I was about 6 years old when I decided I would get there one day 🙂

The Bucket list

I made a face book post to start a bucket list.
I will add things to it as I think “hell yer I want to do that”and see what I’ve got in 6 months .
So the first thing and these will be in total random order , is
to get to new york for 3 things, The Chrylser building,a piece of new york slice and visit Wooster Street Social Club.
I will edit this post and add my next item when I think of it ,so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Oh I hear you Man !!!!

I would like to share a small rant I received on my Face Book feed the other day now normally I would just have a giggle but the more I read of this the more I kept thinking “hell yer” so please read on and spare a thought for this mans frustration that I am sure we have all felt at some stage with a Government department .
Dear Mr. Minister,
I’m in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe this. How is it that K-Mart has my address and telephone number, and knows that I bought a television set and golf clubs from them back in 1997,and on what date?
For Christ sakes, do you guys do this by hand? My birth date you have in my Medicare information, and it is on all the income tax forms I’ve filed for the past 40 years. It is also on my driver’s licence, on the last eight passports I’ve ever had, on all those stupid customs declaration forms I’ve had to fill out before being allowed off planes over the past 30 years. It’s also on all those insufferable census forms that I’ve filled out every 5 years since 1966. Also… would somebody please take note, once and for all, that my mother’s name is Audrey, my father’s name is Jack, and I’d be absolutely f***ing astounded if that ever changed between now and when I drop dead!!!… ******! What do you people do with all this information we keep having to provide?? I apologize, Mr. Minister. But I’m really ****** off this morning. Between you and me, I’ve had enough of all this bullshit! You send the application to my house, then you ask me for my f***ing address!! What the hell is going on with your mob? Have you got a gang of mindless Neanderthal ****** working there! And another thing, look at my damn picture… Do I look like Bin Laden? I can’t even grow a beard for God’s sakes. I just want to go to New Zealand and see my new granddaughter. (Yes, my son interbred with a Kiwi girl). And would someone please tell me, why would you give a ****** whether or not I plan on visiting a farm in the next 15 days? In the unlikely event I ever got the urge to do something weird to a sheep or a horse, believe you me, I’d sure as hell not want to tell anyone! Well, I have to go now, ’cause I have to go to the other end of the city, and get another f***ing copy of my birth certificate – and to part with another $80 for the privilege of accessing MY OWN INFORMATION! Would it be so complicated to have all the services in the same spot, to assist in the issuance of a new passport on the same day?? Nooooo.. that ‘d be too f***ing easy and makes far too much sense. You would much prefer to have us running all over the place like chickens with our f***ing heads cut off, and then having to find some ‘high-society’ wanker to confirm that it’s really me in the goddamn photo! You know the photo… the one where we’re not allowed to smile?! …. you f***ing morons.
Signed – An Irate Australian Citizen.
P.S. Remember what I said above about the picture, and getting someone in ‘high-society’ to confirm that it’s me? Well, my family has been in this country since before 1850! In 1856, one of my forefathers took up arms with Peter Lalor. (You do remember the Eureka Stockade!!)
I have also served in both the CMF and regular Army for something over 30 years (I went to Vietnam in 1967), and still have high security clearances. I’m also a personal friend of the president of the RSL.. and Lt General Peter Cosgrove sends me a Christmas card each year.
However, your rules require that I have to get someone “important” to verify who I am; You know… someone like my doctor – WHO WAS BORN AND RAISED IN F***ING PAKISTAN!!!….. a country where they either assassinate or hang their ex-Prime Ministers – and are suspended from the Commonwealth for not having the “right sort of government”.
You are all f***ing idiots!