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JB HIFI The good the bad and the ugly

Our local stores are 30 minute drive from our house, there are 2 stores in the same suburb so, my son decided to phone JB HI FI at store, lets call it (store A)(The ugly ) .
He was on the phone for at least 10 minutes when I asked what he was waiting for ? He told me he was waiting to speak to someone in the computer dept. So he asked me to phone (store B)(the good) while he was waiting .I did so was answered in 30 seconds asked if they price matched ,was told yes if the opposition store had stock of the item and was a local based store .
End of call all within One minute. My son still on hold, finally after 25 minutes on hold, the girl who answered in the first place came back on so he asked her the same question I had asked and got the same answer but with and added “we will beat any price”.
So off we went, now store A is closest so we went there asked to buy the product x 2 and to do the price match. We were then told that they would not do it , I calmly explained about our phone call confirming that they would indeed do a price match and he again said no its lower that cost ? he then told me how JB are in dire financial trouble and I again confirmed what the girl had told us over the phone , he said with a snicker”there is no girl that works in this department” I said it was the girl who answered the phone who had told us, she did work in the store and would know store policy?”He then said I will go speak to the manager but I can tell you now it will be no. I thanked him and told him that would be nice.
I watched him walk out the back of the store so we waited and waited, while waiting i noticed a man enter the store looking around headed out the back and 30 seconds later came out with a case and left ( I am thinking manager) then 5 minutes later the guy came back and said no we wont do it,its that simple don’t care what you were told over the phone we are not going to do it.
With that we left got in the car drove one k to store B where we walked in spoke to the same guy I had spoken to on the phone , he checked stock with the local opposition and with in 5 minutes we were in the car on our way home .
I got home and sent two Emails one to complain re: the service received at store A and one to compliment re:Store B on the great service received there .
I received 2 emails back,one said re complaint , the other said re compliment , both stated the following (the Bad)
Dear Customer,

Currently most in-stock orders are received within 5 business days.

If you have an enquiry regarding a delayed or missing order outside this timeframe you can now have your nearest store attend to your issue quickly.

Go to and select the “Where is my online order?” option. Complete the action form and your nominated store will respond.

Your nearest store is able to ensure that any delayed goods or missing orders can be addressed accordingly by even providing for in-store pickup or emergency despatch from store. Your nearest store can also deal with any delivery errors and organise refunds and exchanges just like any regular store purchase from any JB Hi-Fi store.

In order for us to allocate and prioritise any other enquiries we recommend that you also go to and select the appropriate query or feedback option.


JB Hi-Fi Online Support

Clearly nothing to do with either of my emails to them and that is all I have heard from them.So of course I now know how they feel about me and my business. I would like them to know that even though I am a nothing little person to them I can spread the word more than they thought I could ,so I ask that when I publish this post and the link goes on Facebook that you all like and share on your wall and try to reach as many people as possible so I can link it to JB HI FI and just show them how far word of mouth can spread and that we the small consumer will no longer be treated like we are not worthy.
I thank you for your support ūüôā


“Vets” WTF ,Why do you think you are better than us ??????

Today I had cause to take my beloved Dog to visit the Vet .I have had some questionable visits here before relating to attitude but with some discussion (ok slight argument) smoothed over those times .

Well I should tell you about this as it may help put into context my feeling for the vets .The cat got sick she has high blood pressure after some hundreds of dollars¬† spent at the vets to find this out she is put onto medication that she will be on for the rest of her life. I buy this medication form the vet every month at a cost of $33. So I go in to get a refill one day and they say ” the cat has to come back in for some blood pressure tests , I ask why as she is fine but they said they needed to make sure the level of medication was right for her , a medication she has been taking for 3 months I told them I couldn’t really afford $150 for them to tell me she is fine so they start getting narky and start to make out that I am not a fit animal owner . I said I would know if the medication was not working but they go on and on so I take her in and guess what the medication is the right level and the cat is fine .

So another couple of months go by and I am in there to pick up a new months medication and again they say she is due for another test this time I stand my ground and say look I just can not afford these test , she is fine and they say well we are not giving you her medication unless you bring her in ,yes that’s right they threatened to with hold medication that is keeping this animal alive¬† because I said I could not afford the tests . Can you believe that, not only make you feel bad but blackmail as well……..¬† she had the tests and guess what she is fine …………..and so on to today¬† .

I made my appointment last week  and asked for the an appointed time when there would not be other people in the waiting room as those of you who know my beloved will know how she feels about strangers. I was given a 12 pm time slot and assured it was last of the morning appointments .

I was phoned and asked to bring my appointment forward by an hour and a half as the Vet would be going in to surgery so I said” of course see you then “. I arrived this morning at the newly appointed 11.15 am to find the waiting room full of people ,at first i thought i had made an error and when I said I had been phoned and had my appointment changed the lady behind the desk snapped at me that yes it was for now ,but they are running behind and looked at me like I was an idiot . I said I would go away and come back in a half an hour ,she agreed . So we took her for a walk and picked up a parcel from the post office ,I phoned them to see how we were going and they said bring her straight in . When we arrived there was a man in standing at the counter and the lady said to take her straight in ,but she would not walk past the man and was freaking out as we tried to walk past him finaly Beau backed away and I said we will just wait till this man finished¬† ,to that she said ” he was going to be a while” I said “sorry but she wont walk past the man ” he kindly walked out of our line of sight but the vet assistant behind the counter gave me a not very nice look and rolled her eyes .What the fuck I didn’t do this to my dog you bitch ,some bastard man beat the crap out of her hence her reaction ?So we go in she gets her shot I get the usual her teeth might need attention even though her gums look good and healthy¬† and none of her teeth are bad ,she has a little tatrer on them and should come in have an anesthetic and they would clean her teeth, if I get her in tomorrow they will give me 10% off . So when I leave I ask about cost and the woman¬† behind the desk ,who I have obviously offended says in a very unfriendly manor $300 to $450 ,then charges me $90 for my 5 minute visit today .

So what did I get for  my $90  the  dogs shot ,  spoken down to  and be treated in a condescending manor. Can not wait to do that again, not

Result time to find a new Vet

Ugh the dreaded Mammogram

Today I had the dreaded Mammogram . I arrived 5 minutes before my appointed time ,was given the form to fill out (even though I had been here before and it was their contacting me that I was due¬† for it as to why I was there but….)Another lady came in 5 minutes after me and she too was given the form to fill out . While sitting there filling these form¬† I noticed that the staff seemed to be some what distracted as they gathered around the front desk passionately discussing, I can only assume was a colleague and I had the distinct feel one they did not approve of as their comments were quite nasty and critical .

So the other lady and I finished our forms handed them back and then sat for another 10 minutes waiting while they continued their barrage of comments about this other person , We looked at each other with raised eyebrows as she and I seemed to be thinking the same thoughts as I  ,how professional these women were ,(not ) Finally they stopped for breath and called me in ,then decided no they would take the other lady first even though I was first in, my appointed time was after hers .

I then was taken into the hall to wait another 10 minutes there .

The staff member came out from where she was attending to the other lady  and re joined her colleagues at the front counter to continue the discussion and was excited to learn that they had found the history on the computer showing that this talked about person had been on face book . They were now like a bunch of school girls , the  lady I had been sitting with  came out and I commented to her that they were still at it ,she rolled her eyes and bid me good luck and farewell.

So I am now sitting looking at an empty room awaiting me to go in for my mammogram but the excited bunch at the desk are now trying to work out how to print out the history I am now starting to get a little pissed off I don’t give a flying **** about there little soap opera that’s going on and was actually feeling a little sick to boot .Just when I thought I would leave she came along .I asked if she minded hurrying as I was not feeling well, so we got through it and she holds up a glass and offers me a glass of water but the glass is filthy. I shake my head and just want out .

While I am dressing I can still hear them waffling on and on and I finally am dressed and on my way out, I say good bye but they do not notice as they are still going on and on about this colleague , glad I don’t work there ……but it seems neither do they ?????

A Moral Delema Video Late Fees

So I have a moral dilemma I hired an over night movie for $2 My son also hired 2 movies at the same time . The next day I took back my movie and handed it over and went on my merry way. My son asked when he got home had, I returned the movie and I said yes .

A week later I came home from work and my son is standing there holding up two movies saying ” yes I took the movies back ” holly crap I totally forgot about his movies ,I grab them and rush down to the Video store I walk in and say ” these are so late ” he looks them up and says “yer they are 4 days late and¬† its $40.00 for your over due fee ” Now My Dilemma¬† 1)I returned one of the three movies on time so why did some one not say then “what about the other two? 2)Why didn’t anyone phone me over the next 4 days to let me know. 3) I only hired them for $2 as its that much Monday¬† to Thursday¬† so Why am I not being charged $2 per video per night for 2 nights. 4) Where do they get the $5 a night per video to charge me $40 from¬† I have seen no signs declaring this price any where¬† .

So Today I go in and speak to the owner and he goes me halves in the fees and charges me $20 I am great-full for this but still think that if they had of phoned me earlier I would have returned them straight away . so what do you think ?????

Some people really just don’t give a ***** about anything or anyone!!

Today on the way to work Beau parked in the supermarket car park ,I waited in the car . I see this guy drive in the wrong way as it one way ,then hastily park taking up two spaces so he was not fully in one or the other ,then he comes out undoing his smokes and throwing the wrapper onto the ground  he gets back into his car. He then backs out in front of another car and takes off.

I mean really,  what a knob >

Phone companies can’t live with them but can’t live with them

Hi I am hoping that this sort of stuff happens to us all because if it doesn’t the what the hell is wrong with me !!! My internet was not working when we moved in to the new house despite receiving an sms from them stating that it was up and running , so as you would I called tech support First problem and I should have guessed how the call was going to go then¬† , she asks my name then asks to speak to the account holder! ah, is that not me oh hang on she meant Yarni are you kidding I go through the whole history of my account and how Yarni and I had contacted them numerous times together and separately to fix that error and ok I might have started to sound a little pissed off at this stage but nowhere near what I would be by the end of this call . so ¬† after 10 minutes I explained that the call was costing me $1 per minute and suggested that she could call me back and her response was ” I do not have the facility to do that ” hang on just let me check I am speaking with telstra am I not so although she is speaking to me on a phone she can not call me back WTF . Then to add insult to injury she tell me I will have to pay her $299 for a new modem as mine is broken ,so recap it just cost me $15 to call tech help do not help me at all ,I hang up and Beau fixes the modem wrong cord plugged in .

A week goes by and one afternoon the internet decides to just stop working I do a diagnostic check ,I do a manual check of the modem but this time I can not get it to start working so I call tech support for help again this time asking them to be quick as it was costing me¬† and is there any outages in my area that would be stopping the internet from working ,so she says” that I should check the phone and see if I have dial tone” and I say “I do not have a telephone so I can not” and she says “then that’s why your internet is not working you don’t have a line” and I say” oh no I have a line I just don’t own a phone” and she says “so check and see if you have dial tone” and I say no I can’t as I don’t have a phone” and she says that’s why the internet isn’t working you don’t have a line “and I say “yes I do have a line I just do not physically have a phone to plug into the line” and she says “well how does your internet work then “and I say “it plugs into the phone line ” and she says I kid you not ” well do you have a dial tone “OMG I say” look I used to own a phone that was plugged into the phone line and the phone broke and I just never replaced it as I liked the peace and quiet of not having it ringing all the time but the line didn’t break it’s still here” so she says “I will need to transfer you to a line testing expert to see what the problem is hold the line please “so I get a guy who says ” I need you to see if you have a dial tone ” and I say¬† ” No I don’t have a phone and he starts to say “well if there is no line ” and I interrupt him and say clearly and slowly “please¬† I don’t want to be rude but please stop talking and listen to what I am saying ,really listen to me I do not own a telephone but I do have a working line in my home do you understand me “and he says can I go and borrow one “and I say I have been here a week I don’t know any of the neighbours¬† and would not like to introduce myself with “Hi I live next door may I borrow” so he says “I will need to transfer you to a line testing expert ” hang on wait a minute isn’t that what he is ,yes I think that is what she called him ,OMG (insert beating head against wall here ) so another $15 phone call down and again no solution I hang up . Beau then plugs the base of the old phone in and wha la¬† the internet starts to work .

I then went online and sent a complaint email to Telstra as I was beyond frustrated by this stage ,so I am happy to say that when they phoned me back a few days later they indeed understood just how incompetent this had all been so I was given a credit of $30 for the calls and one month free internet . At least she understood what I was saying !!!!

I Must be speaking french !!!!!

I have had reason to make contact with my phone carrier ,yes we must all make the inevitable contact with them sooner or later but after the last time I remember thinking  to my self I am never emailing those trippers again !!! But I decided that email was far less frustrating than having an actual conversation  with them .

My problem was they did not roll my month over on the date (23rd of every month for the last 18 months )they should have and therefore as they were 5 days late in doing so I went ever so slightly over my cap but  if it had  been rolled over when it should have I would not have been over , so I get my bill and they have charged me the over the cap amount .

So I send them an email explaining all of this quoting the regular date of billing and so on and requested that they adjust my account back to the cap amount  as you would,  only to have them reply with and I quote::

(My apologies for the inconvenience. Our record shows that your billing cycle is every 24th of the month and that’s when your bill is generated. Please note that it can take up to 2 business days from the cycle date before bills will be available on the system. Please check it again tomorrow or by Tuesday and you should be able to view it already.

My apologies but we can’t also provide you the breakdown or exact details of your outstanding balance as of the moment since the bill is not available on the system yet. No worries! If you have questions with the charges once you have seen the bill, you may contact us again and we’ll assist you to investigate that. )

Sorry but did I ask about viewing my bill ,no it was the fact that I can see and had received my¬† the bill that I know they are over charging me. So did this answer help at all? no am I speaking french , I must be because these people obviously don’t understand any thing I say I have replied back to them again but really Mr Richard living the high life Branson I think you can do better than this , surely.

We will see what they come back with this time ?????

And the Kmart saga continues

Well it has been about a week since I shared with you the story of my book and The Kmart treadmill I got on . So today ,just now actually, I got a phone call from yes you guessed it Kmart to inform me that my book was in and I could come and collect it any time . I now await the call to advise me that the DVD is in as that’s seems to be the way this is going .Well done Kmart if you cant get it right in the first place then just keep plugging along and harassing your customers until you think you get it right . Oh dear . But then if it wasn’t for Kmart what would I blog about after all I started the WTF files because of my Kmart experiences so I guess I should be thanking them .

My head hurts .

Where has all the good customer service gone long time passing Pt 2

The second part of this tale involves an old customer service foe par friend KMart ah yes you can always rely on them for a tale of WTF

I am reading a series of 3 books I am on Volume 2 and I want volume 3 alas my store did not have it ,so as you would I asked them to get it in for me, they said “no prob call you when we know ” 10 minutes later they left a message saying¬† “your DVD will be in next week ” hang on I want a book not a DVD so still in the center I go and tell them what has happened to correct their mistake .

Again they say “no problem we will call you when we know it will be in “A week goes by and no call so I happened to be in the store and asked can¬† they tell me whats was happening with my ordered book but no ,none knew anything they took my details again saying “no prob we will call you when we know ” Another week goes by I am again in the complex and I ask again, this time I am told that I have to get in contact with their head office and ask them to track down the book and tell me where it is so I can then tell my store where they can get it from then they will get it in for me .

OK so now I am starting to think to my self why couldn’t they do that but I really want this book so I do as they asked .I get a response from head office saying I can get the book from 3 stores they have listed all I have to do is ring head office customer service and get put through to the stores and get them to send the book to my store, ok I do that only to be told by the head office that volume 3 is not available at all ,I explain that I have an email from them saying what it said but he is firm “it is not in stock anywhere”. I reply back to the email and tell what I have just been told and ask that they clarify if the book is at the 3 stores they have told me or is it not . The reply was “we are sorry we looked up the DVD¬† by mistake and that the book is out of stock sorry .

So what can you do ,you go online and order it from somewhere else .2 days later I am at work and I have a missed call from a local number and a new message I listen and it says I kid you not “Hello this is Darrin from Kmart in Rosebud just wanted to let you know your book is here for you to pick up thank you if you could give me a call back thanks “really I kid you not .I get home I print out a copy of the emails from the head office and over I go . I can see the look on the faces of the ladies behind the¬† counter as I am trying to explain what has gone on .

Finally some one can see the madness of all this so her answer is I buy the book they got in( its cheaper) and try to change the one on order if I can not change the one one on order then I bring back this one and she will give me a $20.00 gift card (more than I paid ) ok sounds fair enough I will do that .I get home I can not change my already ordered copy so tomorrow I will take this one back .

But wait¬† its not over yet! an hour later I get a call from a lady and this is how it went ,I say “Hello” she says “Hi This is (I forget) from Kmart I was just giving you a call to let you now that the¬† DVD you ordered was in “I say “would that be the volume 3 ” she says”yes that’s it ” I LMFAO then I tell her the tale of my book I can not wait to tell Colleen who is giving me the gift card and also providing good customer service ūüôā

You have to laugh because, I don’t know why, but you do

Where has all the good customer service gone long time passing

I myself am in customer service, now I don’t know if that makes me more critical or not but I expect not as a good level of customer service should be something that is a given.

I have had two unbelievable experiences lately , so lets start with Virgin I have a phone with them I am registered on their web site and a member of the members page where you can catch up on whats hot ,get discounts on cool stuff and enter competitions.

So I am on the site checking things out and see an offer to hire one DVD get one free from the oovie, just enter the members code when your hire, yes, sounds simple, clicked on” get this” and the code was no where to be found. I start to think¬† maybe I have a members code so looked in my profile and shock no code but there in black and white was the fact that I had been a member for 7 weeks, now I was never what you would call brilliant at maths but no matter how I looked at it I can not work out how 21 months works out to be 7 weeks .

So I drop them an email to let them know that the code is not on the site and ask about the 7 week thing. I get a reply saying sorry and they will arrange the code to be sent out yada yada yada and as far as they can see I have been a member for as long as I said I had and where did I see the 7 week thing ???What ?? that would be where I told them I saw it in my¬† email¬† to them wouldn’t it .

I decide to show them, so I took a screen shot of the page and sent it back ,in the mean while the code Miraculously appears on the site (so got the code yea!) and this time while I was there I spy a competition to win a week at NY Fashion week wahoo, all I have to do is send in a photo of some old out of fashion item I still have in my wardrobe( yes there are many I’m a shoe in for this ) so I find a few items take some photos upload them to the comp and then proceed to click on the enter button that is the link to Nova¬† (as they were running the comp ) only to find nothing, zip, nada, no mention or sight of this comp .

I again send of an email asking “Is this comp over?” and you know what the reply was ?no really you will never guess ,they tell me I would have to contact Nova about that and gave me an sms number to send them a message.

Ok so I did and asked the question and 2 seconds later came a reply thanking me for entering the Idol comp What Idol comp WTF .So I email Nova and asked them WTF? I get an email back saying sorry but the Fashion week in NY comp had finished some time ago . I emailed Virgin back and told them that I would be expecting a wage soon as I seem to be doing someones job monitoring the web site for errors ,missing information and out of date content after all I have plenty of time nothing else to do, oh hang on I do.Their final response to me was to say they hope I can turn this negative experience in to a positive ,yep ok no prob and I wonder how they think I will do that from that email ( shake head here)