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Bucket List Item 2, that should be 1

OMG Item 2)
I can not believe I did not have this in first place.(A bit of history first:)
When I was little at 6pm on Sunday’s my mum watched new faces. Unfortunatly for me it was on at the same time as Disney land, now although we had 3 TV’S in our house they all had to be tuned to her show so as she went from one room to the other she wouldn’t miss anything,so I would climb on our fence and watch it through our neighbors lounge room window not so bad in summer as they would have the window open and I could not only see it but hear it as well. So a trip to Disney Land is well and truly the first item for my bucket list as I was about 6 years old when I decided I would get there one day 🙂


The Bucket list

I made a face book post to start a bucket list.
I will add things to it as I think “hell yer I want to do that”and see what I’ve got in 6 months .
So the first thing and these will be in total random order , is
to get to new york for 3 things, The Chrylser building,a piece of new york slice and visit Wooster Street Social Club.
I will edit this post and add my next item when I think of it ,so I’ll keep you posted 🙂