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Number 4 on my Bucket list of life

I would like to go on a cruise, not a drunken I don’t remember a thing cruise. I want to go on the one where I can do boot camp and be waited on hand and foot and have a massage every day and skeet shoot off the back (i think its “aft”) and meet the man of my dreams who wants to pay for me and not expect me to ( I do believe this species exists,I have been told of his existence before) and eat fresh food every day and stand on my balcony just shooting the breeze 🙂

Update on this post: Please scrap the boot camp part and insert lay on my arse ,instead , Thank you


What’s your definition of a Holiday?

I have had many holidays and have never wondered what should a Holiday be.
Until last years trip to Bali. My first overseas trip, at the age of 50 and have got to give a shout out at this point to my brother and sister-in-law who very generously booked my flights as my birthday pressy ,I know they must really love me hey!

Any way I have been used to packing up the car the kids the tent the gear or a self contained building of some sort and heading off in to the wild blue yonder for our holiday but after my Bali trip I must admit that my past holidays have only been part time . Holiday from work ! check, but still had to perform the every day duties of home life such as,the washing,the cooking,the cleaning so in theory, part time holiday . So if this is you for gods sake take a whole holiday and do it now !!!!!

So the kids and I ,well the girls I went to Bali.

I arrived to the wonderful smells of Incense and the bong of traditional music, we then got a taxi where someone drove us to our hotel, then the porters carried our bags to our room. The next morning we dressed and went down to the pool and ocean side hotel restaurant where someone poured my coffee and had a pre cut up fruit or cooked breakfast awaiting my decision .
Then some sight seeing and to an other restaurant for lunch where they cooked and brought my food and drinks to my table.
Then a bit of shopping and a massage , some poolside time where the towel hut man brought me a towel and the man in the bar ,in the pool made my drinks,then to another restaurant where they cooked and brought my dinner Then a driver drove us back to the hotel .
I hope you are getting the picture here “a driver drove” someone cooked ” someone carried”someone massaged”someone brought towels”someone made drinks”and so the definition of a real Holiday is that you have a holiday from everything in your life, not just work but from your home work as well.
My UK trip last year was a Holiday , that is now 2 holidays I have had and intend to only have whole real holidays from here on in ,no more part time holidays for me.
If you have not had a real whole holiday as yet then do your self a favor and do it, you will not believe how good it is.
I hope to try a cruise one day as I think they would be the same ,yes that’s my next mission to do a cruise but with people my own age I think 🙂

Will keep you informed on that quest as it progresses!