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Short stories,The First Time I Saw Snow

I have decided it takes to long to write a book so short stories are the way to go , here is my first attempt :




I was just your typical awkward teen. I had a mum and a dad at home along with an older brother two dogs a cat a rabbit and a fish just your typical 70’s family. My mum was not really the out doors type, well not the snow outdoors type anyway, so when the social club at her work organized a trip to the snow I was going whether she did or not. Turns out it was the latter but as an unaccompanied minor of sorts on a bus trip meant my older teen neighbor Jules, got to chaperone and come as well.

So on the day I awoke bursting with enthusiastic joy to finally be going to see smell and touch snow, glorious white fluffy cloud like wonder from my childhood, finally we shall meet.

I got dressed, I put on my undies my training bra ,I wonder why they call them that and do they come with treats ! any way, my singlet a pair of tights a long sleeved spencer a high necked skivvy a t shirt two pairs of socks a jumper a pair of jeans a coat a hat a scarf and a pair of gumboots! Ready

After getting mum up and behind the wheel we arrived at the designated meeting place, kisses good bye promises of being good along with warnings not to embarrass, I promised as I waved good bye. I entered the bus armed with my thermos of coffee, sandwiches and fruit only to see that the golden seats were wide open and available, the back of the bus, fools I thought as I claimed my spot. I sat there watching the bus fill up with some familiar faces and some strangers The mid section came armed with esky’s so they got happier the closer we got. The only issue I had with them was the fact that the driver had to pull over every 20 minutes while the mid section filed off and lined the edge of the road to empty the copious amount of beer they had thus far consumed. Don’t they know I’m going to need every second I can get in the snow! We had a fun time with the back of the bus folk as some gave a running commentary of the goings on of the mid and front sections. Finally we arrived and after reaching the car park at the bottom of the mountain I was finally here at the snow, excitedly I jump from the bottom step of the bus, I arrived on ground zero, no immediate snow I scan the edge of the car park and spot it I am beyond excited but there is something wrong I am roasting hot, my brain tries to compute this complete blind side and I decide to retreat to the bus to remove some un needed layers.

I then join Jules and some guys from the bus and at long last I pick up snow, it is cold it is not the cotton like fluffiness I was expecting but it has fun written all over it . We intend to walk the road like many others up to the top of the mountain, but snow covers the ground down a small hill and up the other side as far as the eye can see, I want to dive in it and then I remembered the garbage bags we brought So we lay some out and push each other down the hill I’m so excited as I lay a bag down and sit on it I’m so excited that I forget to hold the bag and when I’m pushed off slide quickly to the bottom laughing and loving life in that moment. In the next moment however I start to feel the damp quickly getting wetter by the second. I leapt to my feet look back up the hill and see the bag still siting there and hysterical laughter echoing around me.

flat on my posterior by a blisteringly fast snow ball unfortunately in the center of that snow ball was a solid block of ice, I wonder why this is considered fun as my eye and the side of my face are starting to hurt more each second . After being lifted back to my feet and I begin to try to focus, I see the look on every ones faces and I then realize I am only seeing from one eye I lifted my hand and felt the swollen closed eye which is apparently turning blacker by the moment. The up side and there always is one, is the fact it is the best black eye any one has ever seen. I am starting to feel some what defeated at this stage and I have only been here for 30 minutes ,yes only 30 minutes ,so we head back to the bus for some coffee regroup and tackle this again. As we approached the bus we could see something running down the stairs forming a puddle on he ground, we followed the trail to the back of the bus and my bag and my leaking thermos, really, no ! it is seriously empty and back then there were no cafés there was nothing but a car park. after  10 minutes two dissprin and a sit down ,we decide I am able to attempt the walk up the mountain and we set off .The road is two continues line of cars one going up and the other going down, there are many people walking on the shoulder of the road as well. The traffic moves only marginally faster than walking so there is fun in the air as the comedic souls call out and chat with each other .I hear a motor bike come up behind us and as I turn and look the traffic stops and he offers me a lift I do not hesitate and climb on the back I tell Jules ill see her at the top as we slowly pull away. I am over joyed as I am a motor bike lover I relies this is a sympathy lift for the best black eye ever but is the best thing that’s happened so far and then I felt that familure cold whomp on my head over and over, we were under attach by car on the way down they laughed as they bombarded unsuspecting walkers and cars with their windows down with a supply of pre made snowballs.

We pulled to the side and cleared the snow from the bike and ourselves we are both on the same page and start scooping up snow making ammunition when we have enough we turn around we start heading back the down the hill gliding past cars until we see them I almost burst into laughter at the thought of the pending ambush we are about to unleash we are urged on by onlookers who pick up on our revenge and then the traffic stops we silently pull up on the out side of the car to open windows, we stop and unleash a wholey white hell of retribution they are completely taken by surprise it was quick and fast and hysterical. I can’t believe we were able to unload so many so fast and then simply rolled away .We cheer and we are cheered as we weave our way back to the car park .

I was now completely drenched head to toe my left eye was not only getting darker by the minute but also swelling fast. I was done I thanked my knight on two wheels and I headed to that glorious back of the bus, I laid on that back seat and waited for the time to leave. I summarized my day  as the pain and throbing increased ,I nearly gave myself heat stroke then hypothermia, possibly dehydration along with a black eye that I can’t see out of with possible retina damage , my head aches and so does my face , I did not get to see the actual snow fields or the top of the mountain ,all in all I’d say the first time I saw snow was a slight let down really .I’m old now and as I sit here and recall that day I realize that  day ,was my only ever visit to the snow .

Quite Frankly I’m a little afraid to go back ……………………..


The Train and The Torridon

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Snow glorious Snow

I entered a competition recently to win a trip to the snow, in 25 words or less you had to describe your most embarrassing snow experience. This was easy for me as I had only ever been to the snow once and the entire day was an embarrassing experience, in fact the hard part for me was deciding what part of that day to describe. I will share with you the entire day and you can guess which I used. The trip was organized by the social club at my mothers work and as she had an aversion to any thing physical I went with a family friend I was about 12 and she was about 16,so we meet at the allotted time and boarded the bus and off we went with approx. 40 other people, we had been traveling about an hour when the bus suddenly pulled over and stopped 5 or 6 guys then alighted and began to pee on the side of the road then back on, and off we went again, this relief mission was to repeat 2 more times before we arrived . We did arrive and upon getting off the bus I realized that I had put on far to many clothes and I list, 1 pair of stockings, 1 pair of tights, 2 pair of socks, 1 pair of jeans, 1 singlet, 1 long sleeves thermal, 1 t-shirt, 1 jumper, and a coat. So I turned around on the spot and went back on the bus and stripped down to just the normal amount of clothing required. I then again dismounted the bus and within 2 seconds was hit by a flying snow ball ,that had a solid ice center, on the left side of my face, my left eye swelled shut and turned a lovely shade of blue purple and I was only able to see out of one eye for the rest of the day. After some recovery time we decided to do the toboggan thing only with out the toboggan, using improvised garbage bags instead, we layer it on the snow at the top of a small hill sat on it and got pushed off to start the downward  journey alas although the trip was fast and fun the bag however was still sitting at the top of the hill so my butt and legs were completely drenched. At this point I decided it was time for me to have a breather and headed back to the bus to retrieve an steaming hot cup of coffee I had brought in a thermos, as I approached the bus I could see something dripping from the bottom step, so I followed this trickling stream and yes you guessed it led to my over turned thermos that was indeed leaking its way out, there was half a cup left so I should be grateful for that. We then decided to head up the mountain a slow winding trek on the road, that was full of cars bumper to bumper as well making there way to the top. After an hour of walking and still no top in sight we decided to give up and return to the bottom only trouble was we were being constantly bombarded with snow balls from passing cars, so enough was enough and I saw a guy on a motorbike weaving his way down the road so I asked him for a lift , he agreed and I jumped on the back fully armed with a load of snow balls so  as we passed all the cars that had attacked us I lobbed them in their windows as we passed and it felt good. Arriving back in the car park I thanked my friend on the bike  and loaded back on the bus for the journey home, in pain with my black swollen eye, cold with my wet butt and legs, and just plain old exhausted, I was relieved  as I could be, to be  on that bus on my way home. The relief stops for the drunken boys continued with double the frequency this time, but we finally arrived home.

I have been afraid to return to the snow after that day I took it as a sign that I was just not meant to be there but may be, 38 years later I should give it a try I mean what have I got to loose surly it couldn’t be as bad as the first time.

Could it?????