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number 3 on the Bucket List of life is ……….

I want, no I will ,travel in first class where i can sleep horizontal and eat the good food 🙂
short but swwweeeeeeet.


Where do good ideas go?

I recently had what I think is a good Idea. I have many good ideas as my brain never really stops not even in slumber mode. So this particular good Idea I decided to share with the appropriate people that this Idea would be benefit.

I emailed both Qantas and Virgin and detailed my Idea feeling pleased with my self as I did because I really do think my Idea is a good one.

After a few days though, not having heard any kind of response not even an automated response alerting me to fact that they had received my email ,I started to wonder what would happen if they were to use my idea without any acknowledgment at all .

Then I thought how many ideas are in use out there in the world that belonged to someone else who thought it was a good Idea to share their Idea with a company via an email ?

Maybe I should have put a patent on my Idea but then would need the free cash to do that as well .

I guess it comes down to trust that we should be able to trust these large companies that keep us safe in the air I mean hell we trust them with our lives every time we fly so we should be able to trust them with an Idea… shouldn’t we ??????