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Bucket List Item 2, that should be 1

OMG Item 2)
I can not believe I did not have this in first place.(A bit of history first:)
When I was little at 6pm on Sunday’s my mum watched new faces. Unfortunatly for me it was on at the same time as Disney land, now although we had 3 TV’S in our house they all had to be tuned to her show so as she went from one room to the other she wouldn’t miss anything,so I would climb on our fence and watch it through our neighbors lounge room window not so bad in summer as they would have the window open and I could not only see it but hear it as well. So a trip to Disney Land is well and truly the first item for my bucket list as I was about 6 years old when I decided I would get there one day 🙂


To do or not to do

I am a single woman I have been a single woman for quite some time . I don’t want to shock you too much so lets just say its been quite a few years .

So as you can imagine sometimes the thought crosses my mind that I should maybe look for some kind of companionship or even a fully fledged relationship. Now I am not a good picker and try to remind myself of this fact as often as I can but even so, sometimes my brain just dose not listen and thinks its lonely.

Then I come to my senses, it is not just one thing that beats me up side the head
and screams in my ear ( WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING) but it can be a few of the little things that open my eyes because lets face it its the little things that get under your skin.

We all know them, the remote is one for example why on earth would I want to disrupt my total domination over control of not only the remote but the TV and more importantly what is viewed on it
Dinner is another one I can have what I want when I want it if I don’t want to eat until 10 pm then I simply do not have to ( most of my children have left home and the one that is still here works some nights )so I can decide what where and when in the cooking stakes but most of all its the NOT to cook decision I like the most.
Sleep is a biggy, I do share my bed ,with my dog ,who is as big as a human when sleeping on the bed and that’s enough to have to struggle over without adding snoring,Doona stealing or complaining about my reading light .

So I am great-full for those little things that bring me back to my senses and allow me to remain the ruler of my own domain and steerer of my own destiny.