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I am now of driving age yea, I have a car friends and most of the time I have a job. So it is nice to get in a car and take a few days. One of my friends mum had moved to a rural border town and although set on the side of the river was very hot and dry.

Despite that setting this is a large town with a good population. While there we took a day trip to visit Charlie the brother of my friend who lives in a small remote dry arid town it is a just under an hours drive.

I love this small town it feels relaxed. While we visit we dig for bottles on the old hospital site of this town, there is no evidence at all of buildings so the locals are either watching us laughing as we dig in the hard dry ground hoping to reveal long-lost secrets. It is not long before we confirm that no one is laughing at us and we start to find some old test tubes and glass stoppers and other in tact bottles.

It is very hot here. We take refuge at the house from he stiffeling heat of the afternoon.

Charlie sits down and tells us some stories of UFO sightings in the area and that some times his friend, a very well known artist will see something and if its travelling on the right line, phones us so we can get outside and try to confirm that there is a UFO.

My brain is spinning as he tells us of other experiences, he tells us about a sphere that a local farmer had found in one of his fields, it was perfectly round it was melted on one side, they believe this to be the burn of atmospheric entry, I am glued to every word so when he tells us that the spheres is still here in town at the small police station just 300 meters away. I want to see it thinking this is never going to happen, Charlie says’ OK ‘and with in 5 minutes we are meeting the local police man and it is sitting out the back on the floor in a corner. He explains to us that they do not know quite what to do with it or who to tell, he shows us the band of metal welded around the circumference but as there is a hole melted in the side you are able to see inside the empty vessel and you can clearly see that there are no weld markings any where there are no seems no joins just a perfectly round metal sphere. He lets me take photos only with the promise that I will not show them to any one, I keep that promise for 30 years.

We are back at the house for only a few minutes It was late in the day when the phone rang, Charlie sounded a little excited and when he hung up he said “That was my artist mate , he has seen something and its coming our way. He makes an other phone call and we go outside back to the police station ,as we walk past the water tower we see a couple of people sitting a top they are having a beer they yell hello as we pass telling us to hurry, we climb a ladder and reach the roof of the police station and join the Sargent. We sit and we wait. It is not too long before we hear someone yell that it is coming, over there he is pointing north we look and there it is, although it is not dark yet this object glows in the sky it is moving north to south I snap as many shots as I can I am beyond excited as it moves slowly at first then rapidly accelerates and disappears it was long rounded on the ends and is bright even in the light of dusk. I am joyful feeling exhilarated we have dinner and we make arrangements to come back tomorrow and we head off as we travel east back to mama’s house it is all we can talk about, I am in the back seat it is now pitch black as I look to my left from my window I see a light a very bright light it seems to be about a kilometer away it is travelling in the opposite direction to our car, I tell everyone to look as I grab my camera I don’t know if the photos will show anything but I taking them any way . I ask my friend to stop so I can try to focus they do and I get out and rest the camera on the roof to steady it I am snapping away when I notice this bright glowing light is no longer moving I raise my head slowly from the camera and stare at this hovering light that seams to be just hanging in the one spot it is not moving at all now, I freak out a little but not as much as one of our travellers who starts to panic and is screaming for us to get back in the car and go, it was a little creepy on a dark deserted road ,so we accommodate our friends wishes and climb back into the car and take off ,I hope the photos turn out in my mind I am thinking I might get to become the photographer of strange thing and make a living from it I am planning out my future we are laughing and joking as we head east again …the glowing object had started to move again but was now heading in the same direction we are .. It is following us, my freaked out friend starts to accuse me of making it follow us by taking its photo we are laughing hysterically at his paranoid behavior but as I laugh I am pushing my camera under the back seat I don’t want any one taking my camera! It keeps following us along the road it is keeping pace with us for nearly 10 kilometers My friend is convinced now he is going to be abducted just when I think he is going to go into complete melt down the object stops shoot up into the black night sky then simply shoots away from us and disappears.

We continued on our journey relieved to get to mammas house in one piece and not abducted.

The next day I could not wait to go back I still have 5 shots left before I can change the film. Mama makes us breakfast and shows us the local paper the headlines read


In the story, it talked of us, we are puzzled where they got the information but know it is not all true as it stated that we were on our way rushing the film to a special lab in the city for development. I begged to differ as I was sitting at mammas kitchen table drinking tea. We decide to not tell anyone that this is us they are talking about and we leave to go to Charlie’s I am anxious to see the Sargent again to make sure he knows we have not talked to anyone, but he would know that as there was no mention of the sphere in the story. So we arrive back at Charlie’s we tell him about our drive home and there is a loud knock at the door, Charlie walks back in to the room and is followed by 3 men in suites they are from NASA seriously NASA I can not contain it and I burst out laughing I am thinking this is a joke people from NASA don’t come to small rural towns especially in another country, but none the less here they stood ,they wanted to ask us questions relating to the sighting the evening before so they asked questions we answered but our answers were being debunked before we even finished speaking . What are they up to I thought, then talk turned to photos I deny any photos, they are not getting my photos I will physically defend my camera but they don’t push it we give each other the look and no one mentions the photos again. I am going to hide the film. One of the men keeps fiddling with his tie convincing our paranoid friend that he is filming him with a micro hidden camera within his tie. Finally they leave, their line was we saw nothing it was a weather balloon, year right. And with that they are gone. We decide to cut our visit short and head back to the city and get the film developed I hide the film in a medical bag, one of my friends was a diabetic and carries that bag everywhere we go, it is in the glove box and safe .I thought! unfortunately when we get back, the methylated spirits jar that my friends needles are in leaked and ruined the film not a single frame left so my story with photographic evidence was now just a story. It was a few months later and on the news one night I saw the Sphere it had been handed to a university to analyze but the metal was not any recognized element ??????? But luckily for me the sphere photos were on the last of another role and so I still have that to this day……….